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Yes this year the #ElfOnTheShelf came to our house and we enjoyed every minute.

I have to say this is my main reason for starting the blog.

After reading numerous posts about why some haven’t had the elf visit and feeling disheartened by this negativity I decided to share why I did invite an elf to sit on my shelf this Christmas.

First of all I have to tell you we didn’t just have one we had 3! 3 children, 3 elves and yes the elves came to see how the kids were behaving this Christmas.

Our elves were the good kind, no naughty behaviour or cheekiness. They came with small gifts for good behaviour and at one point a letter from Santa when the kids behaviour took a turn for the worst (and it worked) the letter contained nothing sinister it basically said be the good kids I know you are, and another to say well done on working at it and getting on my nice list.

I have loved watching my children’s excitement about the elves each morning, it’s been great for my partner to get involved with the imaginative play (he’s not the greatest).

One day we’ll talk about the elves, how it was really us and I know they’ll be grateful for all the happy memories and fun they had! Why on earth would I want to stifle that and not have our #ElfOnTheShelf visit.

Obviously #ElfOnTheShelf made someone a lot of money and I say good for them, because it had given me lots of lovely memories for the past two years!


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