New Year Same Me…

No this year there’s no New Year, New Me. It’s just the same me enjoying there here and now. Enjoying life with a new baby and two very active children.

A couple of years ago I discovered mindfulness through my counselling for post natal depression. It opened my eyes to enjoying and living in the here and now. Each New Year I just take the time to refocus on this and push myself to enjoy what I really have right now.

We can’t change the past and what will be will be, but right now is yours, this moment is what it’s all about. So just for an hour today really be in that moment, whether it’s with the kids or alone really focus on that time and what’s happening try to ignore that inner nag we all have pointing out the faults, the cleaning, the general moans of every day life enjoy the good you have.

I’m not going to lie it’s hard at first, especially if you don’t think that way, if your mind is like mush after kids!! But like any habit it can be learned and life’s that little more fun with those mindful moments! Xx

This little monkey was my mindful moment at 3am this morning!!


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