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Successful Combined Feeding! 

Yes, three times over now I have successfully combined fed my babies. For me, my milk is always hit hard by my hormones, lack of sleep and stress levels. Just one bad day causes my milk to drop and on a good day I’m flowing over there’s no in between.

After reading all the advice out there, I’ve realised that our breastfeeding journey is our own. What works for one may not work for another, as much as you and your baby are individuals so is your milk production and what works for you!

With my first I started to research combined feeding (breast and formula) at 12 weeks, we’d hit the dreaded growth spurt and I’d spent a week without sleep locked in my house slowly going insane. Everything said don’t do it, they talked about nipple confusion, babies refusing the breast, breast milk drying up. Basically, everything said it was a bad idea. After a week of no sleep, and me starting to feel like I was failing at being a mum I decided it was a bloody good idea. I still remember the relief of her drinking just a couple of ounces and suddenly becoming a different baby. She finally seemed content. For the first few weeks, it was just 1 bottle a day and slowly it crept up to a couple more until at 6months when her first tooth arrives and she began weaning, I decided to fully wean my first daughter from the breast. Now three children in, I am combined feeding once again as I did with my son and it is all going brilliantly. I have a very happy, healthy little girl who happily switches from breast to bottle without issue, just like the other two.

Now I must point out that yes it worked for me without issue, but please remember your journey is your own.

My tips –

– Always offer the breast first, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes.

– Keep to the slowest teats on bottles.

– Follow your babies cues for feeding not a schedule.

– Enjoy a cuddle whether your breast or bottle feeding.


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