Word of the week – Pandemonium

It’s been half term, we’ve had a few days out but more at home. It’s been absolute pandemonium some days. Others have been pure bliss, with lots of quality family time and fun!

I do wish we had more friends around for play dates, we moved back to the area and left the friends we’d met behind. Now the children have settled in and found lots of friends but I am finding it much more difficult. But that’s another issue to tackle on another day!

Back to the word of the week, it’s been pandemonium but in a beautiful happy way. I’ve loved every minute at home with my troop and sometimes it’s even been me causing the pandemonium!!

The Reading Residence

4 thoughts on “Word of the week – Pandemonium

  1. Lots of laughter is what you want in half term. I know what you mean about the playdates and making friends, I moved into a new area not knowing anyone either. But you will make friends, often thru the children, and you’ll find your niche group of likeminded friends.

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