Why I love chocolate crispy cakes

One tip for the non-bakers of the world. Rice crispy cakes are the only way forward, forget the victoria sponges, muffins and cheesecakes. If like me you can only do one thing with cakes – burn them! Forget the rest and always go with crispy cakes!

Why I love crispy cakes

This weekend with four children to entertain I felt a little overwhelmed, to say the least! Then they all appear in front of me doe-eyed asking if we can bake! “We want cooking club” a chant soon began!!

I don’t really know how it happened but soon we were all walking to the shop, baby strapped to me and three loud monkeys following carrying on a chant of “Cook-ing-club…cook-ing-club” I started to panic thinking of the boxed cakes I inevitably burn to a crisp, the tears that follow and then the dreaded feeling of being a crap mum as well as a crap baker! In the shop, chant still going strong (and loud), it suddenly hit me rice crispies, chocolate, easy!!! Not only easy, cheap!

chocolate-781146_960_720Ingredients bought we headed home and cooked up a feast! Luckily, I had some lovely cases, bright and colorful and some flags from a baking set. Wow did the children have fun, and wow did I enjoy a cake or two…

So please take it from me, a mum of three. Baking with kids is easy when it’s made chocolate and crispy!

Mummy’s Tip

I’ve seen lots of recipes adding in butter and syrup. You can get all fancy and add more but really all you need is value chocolate, melted over hot water, stir in rice crispies/cornflakes, pop in a cake case and leave to set. That’s it, your children will love the sense of achievement when they get to eat them and you will feel like the number one mum with very little effort! Win, win!



5 thoughts on “Why I love chocolate crispy cakes

  1. I’m always looking for baking ideas to make with my toddler..can’t believe I never thought of crispy cakes..definitely going to make some. Glad it worked out and the kids were all happy xx #coolmumclub

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