Will we ever sleep again?

I still dream of the days when I could sleep 12 hours straight and enjoy a mid-afternoon nap. Yes, that was my life before children, sleep was my best friend. There hasn’t been a time in my life I haven’t napped, all through education I came home and took a nap. I then began working in schools leaving at 4 pm and rushing home for a catnap. Some people love wine at the end of a hard day – I just love my bed!

Then children come along, everyone warns you about the lack of sleep, however, I don’t think I fully envisaged just how much children would have an impact! Now with a four-month-old the sleepless nights/days are hitting me hard. I co-sleep and breastfeed through the night which means very little sleep for me, my daughter, on the other hand, can manage 6-7 hours straight, a very happy bunny snuggled with mummy.

Don’t get me wrong I’d much rather have my children then ever sleep again, but it’s scary to think I will never sleep like I did before they came along. Becoming a parent means you lose that deep, blissful sleep, as the one ear, one eye open sleep begins.

My dad delights in telling me how it doesn’t get any easier. Especially when you have a teen that comes home late or you lie awake each night worrying about your child miles away at university! Or when you can’t sleep waiting to hear if your latest grandchild has arrived safely.

He laughs ‘you never really get that deep, deep sleep again once children come along!’

Sleep (3)Fun Sleep Deprivation Facts

Poor memory and concentration

Causes irritability

Low energy

Kills your sex drive

Ages your skin

Impairs judgement

Thankfully children seem to negate all of the above and being a parent makes the extra wrinkles worth it!!

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