Life is a Rollercoaster

It’s been a week of up’s and downs, but being a mum and creating a family means those ups and downs are part and parcel! Unsurprisingly they can be so very high and so very low! Let’s see how they faired this week –


-A night away with my best friend, brilliant haven’t laughed so much in a long time.

-Wine. Mmmmm my first bottle in over a year, resulting in above laughter!

-Pride, my daughters really pushed herself at swimming and the improvements this week had me in tears. I think I almost burst at the poolside!

-H sleeping 6-hour blocks every night, to say I feel like a new woman is an understatement.

-Blogging, I’m loving this blogging malarky, feeling all the love and chatting with new people, just amazing!

-Roald Dahl, being what would have been the big 100 for him this year, he’s everywhere and I love it. I’ve been enjoying the stories with my children at bedtime and we love it!!


-Poorly people, we’ve all been ill. Full of colds, coughs, phlegm, snot and it’s just gross. Let me just say slug trails!

-Work, I love my job, but this week has been a shitter!

-Poo, my soon being poorly has resulted in a few no.2 accidents. He’s been out of nappies for a long time so we’re trying to make it the least traumatic we can. But waking up to his underpants in my face literally an inch away was a lowwwww point!

-Grammar, ohhhhh I’m learning a new hate for grammar once more. I’ll get there but this week I’ve made far more mistakes than I care to remember!

-Chocolate, there’s been far too much of it, I bet there haven’t been many mums on the earth who have ever said that!

How is your week going? Hope it’s gloriously full of highs!

Super Busy MUm

5 thoughts on “Life is a Rollercoaster

  1. Well done to your daughter with swimming. I know the pride and joy feelings – Arrh! ;’) Happy tears! & H- sleeping 6-hour blocks every night, you are truly blessed! I am so jealous! lol! Thank you so much for linking up with us. #FabFridayPost

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