Wonky Breasts…

We are 4 months into our breastfeeding journey and I have wonky breast šŸ˜¦ From day one H has had a preference for the left-hand side. Every time she’s moved to the right she kicks, screams, pinches and punches until I swap her back.

Over the months I’ve noticed my breasts have become wonkier, I hear one is always bigger than the other but I’ve never had that problem. I’ve always been quite happy with my average pair. They’ve done the job quite nicely twice before and serve the purpose of filling a top.

Then this week through sheer exhaustion I have let H have her own way and feed mostly from the left-hand side, she’s been much happier but my breasts are noticeably different in size whether they are full or empty the change is there for all to see.

Now I’m not oozing with confidence. Put it this way, I change my outfit, at least, three times before the school run morning and afternoon. So as you can imagine it’s causing some personal distress šŸ˜¦ baggy jumpers it is for awhile I think!

Have you ever had this problem? I’ve been assured medically everything is ok and all will return to normal, but right now looking in the mirror I really dislike my wonky breasts!


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