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10 Things I love About Working From Home – Mummy Edition


  1. I can avoid office politics. There’s nothing worse than a bitchy office.
  2. Very short commute. There’s nothing worse than a traffic jam before you start work. It’s not a great mood enhancer. After school drop off I’m straight to it, no uncomfy car/bus/train journey for me!
  3. Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 07.59.01I can ALWAYS get to wear comfy clothes. I love my jeans and a comfy jumper, no stuffy shirt or suit, even better no extra ironing.
  4. I work harder because I work from home and they’re fewer interruptions. Working from home means I really put the effort in. Every day I want to prove it can be done and that it can be done amazingly well.
  5. I don’t have to take sick days – this is a double-edged sword but on those days when I just feel crappy I can stay in bed and work from the under a duvet. 
  6. Pyjama’s, on the busiest of days you may find me in my pyjama’s up until just before school, pick up and some of those days are the best. It feels good to complete a day’s work in my pj’s!
  7. My children take an active interest in what I do. Some days I have to get some work done with the children around and because of this, they get to see mummy working hard and have become very interested in what I do. They love to sit next to me writing away about their favourite toys or days out with mummy. There’s something very special about inspiring your children in this way.
  8. A much more flexible schedule means I can work around the clock. My partner thinks I’m a slight workaholic, I love the fact I can pick up my laptop any time of day. Some of my best idea’s come to me during my 3 am breastfeed! Just think of all the things I’d miss sleeping at 3 am!
  9. I can really keep on top of social media and communication. There’s always a laptop, iPad or phone within arms reach to keep me in the loop and on top of anything coming in.
  10. img_2412My main reason for loving working from home – I’ve never missed a milestone or special event in my children’s lives. I’ve looked after all my children while working from home, watched them take their first steps to performing in their school plays. Best of all I get to do it while building my career. 

Most of these could easily be a negative for others, for our family it works and it work doubly well – would it surprise you if I said both myself and my partner work from home…Coming next week Why I Love Working From Home – Daddy Edition.


A Cornish Mum


5 thoughts on “10 Things I love About Working From Home – Mummy Edition

  1. I love working from home because it’s peaceful and I can wear my pyjamas but I do get a bit distracted sometimes. Like now, I’m meant to be working but here I am doing blogging bits hehe! xx #picknmix

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