7 Easy Ways To Entertain a Baby

With my first girl, I found myself searching the subject Ways To Entertain a Baby so many times. If parenting had a manual I think it would say babies do get bored and they do need stimulation.

Before children, I thought they’d happily sit doing nothing between sleep and feeds. Maybe cry a little to let you know it was time for sleep, a feed or a nappy change. Oh, how wrong (and naive) I was was!

I’m now three children in, with 7 nephews and nieces all of whom I’ve used these 7 little tricks with, best of all they are low cost and easy to do –


Run a bath and get the baby oil ready. This is my favourite trick to entertain my baby. Well, any age child really. If everything’s getting a little crazy in the house I break up the day with a bath and sometimes a bit of baby massage. A bath helps break the tension and is relaxing for all involved, it’s not about having a wash it’s about enjoying a little one and one in a peaceful atmosphere. I like to think of it as a little DIY swim session and jump in too!


Put your favourite songs on and dance. Whether you’re holding the baby while you move, have them in a carrier or they’re watching you it certainly entertains them. If you do all three that can be a whole hour of entertainment and the calories you burn make it so worth it.

Get others involved

Babies are naturally social they love people. So make sure you get out and about, to a friends house, play groups or just for a walk babies love to see other people. Even if the other people aren’t interested in them, they just love a good nosey.

Pots and pans

Children love to mimic mum and dad. So if they like to watch you in the kitchen? They will love playing with the pots and pans. It’s so simple, just some pans, spoons, bowls, you name it. Think anything unbreakable and let them have fun. For a more detailed play you must take a look at treasury basket play.

Sing a song

Row, row, row your boat is our current favourite. Any action song will do, something catchy and repetitive is perfect for babies. When I had my first daughter I couldn’t even remember the lyrics or tune to Twinkle, Twinkle So I would sing “All The Single Ladies’ instead (she still loves it now!) Over the years I would watch youtube video’s of children’s songs to remind me and learnt a lot of them at playgroups.

Make Some Space

When my little one has just woken up and she’s clearly in a good mood I know it’s time to get her moving. She’s just learnt to rock herself so she can move around the room. It’s very cute to watch. I clear the floor put and teddies in the corner of the room, then she either lies in the middle practising her rolling or she starts to make her way around to a toy. You can do this up until a baby is toddling they’ll be able to practice crawling and standing in a nice clear space. As they start to walk and climb put a box in the middle of the room and watch the real magic happen!

Baby Wipes

I have no idea why but all three of my children have been obsessed with baby wipes. I’ve heard countless parents agree that their children love them too. Pulling them out and throwing them around the room seems to be the goal. If like me you’re not a fan of the little darlings wasting them one by one, you can get an old tissue box and fill it with material cut into squares. Show your babies how to pull them out a few times and once they’ve got it there you have an activity that will last hours upon hours! I must admit there have been days where I’ve given my little one a full pack of wipes and let them go to town just so I can have a hot drink in peace.

Do you have any top tips for entertaining a baby throughout the day?

Cuddle Fairy

3 thoughts on “7 Easy Ways To Entertain a Baby

  1. I swore by pots and pans and treasure baskets when Monkey was younger. I am a real fan of treasure baskets and the type of play they encourage. At 3.5 Monkey will on occasion still ask for his and yesterday I caught him grouping things into shape categories. Love the idea of the fabric tissues in the box. Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again next week x

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