What I Really Want for Mother’s Day!

I’ve seen so many articles claiming to know what I really want this Mother’s Day. From a bubble bath to some alone time, diamonds to Pandora galore. Yes, all those would be lovely, I love my homemade cards, flowers and an hour extra in bed. But let me tell you what I really want this Mother’s Day and every Mother’s Day to come…

I just want to feel the love of my family. I want to feel like I really matter, like everything I do, is appreciated. I want to feel all the love I send out coming back to me ten fold. What I really want is all the things money could never buy. Cuddles in bed with my babies, hearing their excitement about Mother’s Day cause they really want to surprise me.

For a long time before my children came along Mother’s Day was a painful time. After losing my mum at 15 not long after Mother’s Day, it became a day I loathed and ignored. Since having children it still feels very bittersweet. I absolutely adore the day with my family, however, the day is always marred knowing a special lady won’t be able to join us. But I know she’ll be looking down smiling at the crazies as they bring me breakfast in bed (which they usually devour) and beautiful handmade gifts I get to embarrass them with in years to come!

So that’s it what mums really want for Mothers Day!

We really just want your love and appreciation. To know that what we do doesn’t go unnoticed. We want to see the love and energy we pour into our families smiling back at us bright and early come Mothers Day morning, well maybe a little later than 6 am early!

Don’t get me wrong diamonds would be awesome too!

However you spend your Mother’s Day I hope it’s a very special one with the ones you love! ❤



2 thoughts on “What I Really Want for Mother’s Day!

  1. Perfectly poignant. My Mum always tells me she doesn’t want a fuss on Mothers day…then afterwards reminds me how much she hates mothers day since her own Mum passed away when I was little. I can only imagine how hard that must be, especially now as a Mother myself. Enjoy your day lovely, and raise a glass to her xxx
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub

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  2. Such a beautiful post with wise words. I can really relate, especially what you say about Mother’s Day being ‘bittersweet’. That’s exactly how I feel too as I approach my 12th Mother’s Day without my mum. I hope you have a lovely day with your family and that they spoil you with love and appreciation xx

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