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World Book Day – Behind the Picture


Walking through the playground, it was amazing to see the effort people had put into many of the children’s outfits. I, on the other hand, was just happy that we’d made it in one piece with two happy, healthy children.

It’s been one hell of a week just to get us to that picture, one that almost broke me. We’ve had two sick children, stomach bugs and ear infections. We found out E needs grommets so have been dealing with one sad happy girl. Who is not happy about the upcoming operation. T’s heart has been playing up with lots of mini SVT episodes, and one full on episode. This has resulted in a nervous, tired, unhappy little boy.

Just to add to the fun Harriet’s hit a sleep regression and decided to sleep for no longer than 20 minutes at a time. I can’t moan though as she is such a good baby, so relaxed and happy.

So come to yesterday both children on the mend and I tell them it’s back to school tomorrow. Ellyna, is over the moon, I assume because she loves school so is happy to get back. Then she announces it’s World Book Day and she can dress up!!!!

I almost passed out at the thought of it. What should be fun feels like a competition of parenting. Who can spend the least amount of money making the most amazing, out of this world costume.

In all honesty, it isn’t a competition I want to take part in. We tried on every dress up outfit we have and all were tiny or ripped. So we headed to the shops and bought a dress up outfit they both loved and will get hours of enjoyment out of. As you can see from the picture they were both over the moon with them. Plus we had an Elsa and Turtle book they were very happy to take to school and share.

As I walked through the playground admiring all the costumes. I gave an extra big smile to the children with those shop bought outfits. Wondering if their family had been through a week like ours just to get to World Book Day.

Tonight like most nights we’ll be enjoying a lovely book together. This week we’re reading George’s Marvellous Medicine and we love it!

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3 thoughts on “World Book Day – Behind the Picture

  1. I wouldn’t feel bad about the shop bought outfits, we all have our talents and making costumes certainly isn’t one of mine! LP went to school in a Spiderman outfit – his choice. We love reading at bed time too. We haven’t managed to read George’s Marvellous Medicine yet, must get to it at some point. 🙂

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