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5 Recipe Ideas Using Chocolate Easter Eggs…

5 Things To Do Using Easter EggsEaster is all good family fun. We love heading out on the hunts, sharing some choccy treats and getting about in the springtime air.

What I don’t like is all the chocolate hanging about in my kitchen. It’s too tempting for us all. A bit of chocolate here, a little nibble there and before you know it I’m up a dress size, and crying into my wine.

Since having children at Easter I’ve always made some tasty tray bakes. We use the chocolate eggs the children receive for the recipes. They are quite happy to give them if they are involved in the baking.

Chocolate Crispy Cakes

chocolate-781146_960_720We love baking chocolate crispy cakes. Easy to do and low cost. If you want to go for the Easter look accessorise with chocolate mini eggs. If you want to impress and treat the children to something other than chocolate, these are so cute. Expensive, but cute!

Chocolate brownies

fudge-brownies-1235430_960_720Ok, more challenging for the non-baker but still achievable. The “throw it all in one bowl” is the best kind of recipe to do with children around. We love this easy make recipe from Cadbury’s.

Slow-Cooker Chocolate Fudge

fudge-1081100_960_720We’re stepping up a gear now. I haven’t made this slow cooker fudge but I have tasted it and oh my it is delicious! This would be a lovely gift to thank anyone who did send an egg for your children. And perfect for spreading the chocolate calories. Get the children involved with breaking up the chocolate or measuring, and pouring ingredients.

Chocolate Cookies

cookies-960898_960_720Now you’d think chocolate chip cookies were easy bakes. When cooked they look so easy to make but they’re not! If you want to share them with the outside world they’ve got to be just the right consistency. Not too doughy, not too dry. Here I challenge you to a Nigella Lawson recipe, good luck!

Chocolate Muffins

muffin-1228445_960_720Ahhh my arch nemesis, my kryptonite! No matter what I do I always end up with soggy bottoms and crispy tops, yes once was due to baking with the grill. Still I’m a trier and this year we’re going to give this recipe a try. It sounds easy, not too many ingredients and there are only 7 steps to baking them. One of them being “take out of the oven”.

Whatever you do with all those Easter Eggs I hope you have a lovely Easter break with your families.


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5 thoughts on “5 Recipe Ideas Using Chocolate Easter Eggs…

  1. “Drool” – I live in a weird house where half the inhabitants (husband and younger son) DO NOT like chocolate cake, puddings etc! I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true so I would be forced to eat so many of these treats myself! #Abitofeverything

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